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Paramount Pest Solutions offers a full line of Rodent Control Services. Rodents can get out of hand quickly due to their reproductive rate. It is essential to have our trained technician perform a thorough inspection of your home as soon as you see there is an issue. Identify the type of rodent and location it which they are entering the home. Providing a fast and effective solution to the rodent issue. After treatment has been provided cleaning to maintain a healthy home and environment it is necessary to sanitize your home of any contamination left behind by rodent feces and urine. 

INSPECTION – We provide a complete inspection of the home. Checking for entry points and food sources. Upon the completion of the Rodent Inspection, our trained technician will provide you with a customized plan specific to your home's rodent issue.

ENTRY – Rodents such as Mice and Rats can enter through holes that are much smaller than them. Mice can enter your home in a hole the size of a dime and Rats can enter a hole the size of a quarter. Upon inspection, we will advise of the possible entry points (small holes, cracks, gaps 1/4" or larger). Closing entry points is essential to containing the issue.

SOLUTION – Once a customized plan has been set into place there will be necessary steps that will need to be initiated for us to provide fast and long-term results. Our trained professionals will go over these steps with you explaining every step.

MONITORING – Regularly monitoring of the home will ensure the plan has been effective for long-term results. We will set-up appoints with you and confirm your appointments via phone, email, and text.


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